Saturday, February 05, 2011

The ZRTI, our gracious hosts

By Mr A K Saxena, Princial, ZRTI


ZRTI was accredited by ISO in 2004. First amongst 300 such institutes.

Established in 1962.

Training in 9 faculties: Traffic, loco, commercial, simulators, model rooms, etc.

91 Instructors and 12 faculty members.

In 2010-11, 10244 trainees were trained. Isn''t that an exceptional number?

Suerb photographs of model rooms in the institute. Includes a mock-up of a railway station with various working signals, etc.

A huge mess.. 500 eat at once!

And if you think that you are all gonna miss out on meeting the IRFCAns, here's some killer news! The delegates are gonna visit the POH workshops, Simulators and Model Rooms. Now sulk!

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