Saturday, February 05, 2011

Steam in the 1970s

By Harsh Vardhan

We had a small railfanning session near the ZRTI triangle for an hour, and then after a short break that comprised superb paneer pakodas and hot hot tomato soup we are back.


Colour photography had a boost in the 70s.

Talks about the locos around the 1925 region.

War Department locos introduced during the WW2.

Post War standard for independent India in 1948. The W, Y, Z classification came about then.

End of steam started in 1974 with the Great Railway Strike and rapid dieselisation.

Shows snaps of rarely seen beautiful steam locos.

Lots of XC, XB1, WM, WG, YG, MAUDs, CC, etc.

There is a wonderful snap of a YP and a WP side by side taken at TPJ.

The last broad guage loco to be built was a WG nicked Ántim Sitara'

Never seen so many great snaps of steam locos in one place. Kudos to Harsh for this. Folks, maybe you should bombard Harsh with some mails so that he sends you some of these rare gems.


  1. Vrij Sir,

    First of all I thank you from the core of my heart for providing us with this live blog.

    And Sir, please try to provide us with the images presented at the convention, especially of those rare steam locos.

    Once again I thank you.

  2. Thanks for the live update. Looking forward to tomorrow too, especially the IR quiz.

    Harsh is quite an authority on Steam in Indian Railways. His collection of photos and information is simply unbelievable