Sunday, February 06, 2011

1 2 3 3 3 3 ... 3 Phase Locos

By Mr Avinash Singh Kushwah, (Sr DEE Op BSL)

Evolution of 3 Phase Technology

Layout of the locos, driver controls, design of software traction motors, etc.

Evolution of locos from DC to AC to 3 Phase

Dominance of DC series TM in locos.

Adoption of 3P Squirrel cage induction motor for traction application

Torque speed characteristics of the TMs.

Advantages of 3Phase.. energy consservation, higher energy loco.

Future scope of power upto 10K HP, which is being researched now.

Minimum wear on rails due to great weight distribution, weight transfer control is electrical.

Fast acting wheel slip, slide control.

Onboard fault diagnostic system reduces maintenance load, and ease in repair.

Exclusive harmonic filter to reduce harmonics generated by OHE.

In DC motors locos the unavoidable jumps in TE limits adhesion. This is eliminated in the 3P locos.

Fire detection and alarm system in the machine room.

Underslung compressors to eliminate oil fumes and spillage.

Electronic brake system plus a pneumatic release parking brake.

Circuit diagrams and electrical diagrams of the 3P locos.

Cooling Concepts

Drivers controls in the 3P Locos.

Button and Lamp layout on the drivers stand.

Photos of the inner equipment.

Control System  with two types of cards: Processor and Non Processor.

Processor Control hierarchy chart.

Diagnostic tools for the loco.. software based diagnosis.

Interpreting fault messages to the driver.

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