Sunday, February 06, 2011

CST: Heritage, Values & Significance

By Shraddha Hemant Bhatawdekar

First up on the second day, we have a beautiful lady to start up the formal proceedings.

Talks about the history of VT.

Architechtural grandeur of CSTM.

A map of the fortification of Mid 19th century superimposed on the present Fort precinct.

The Old Bazaar gate of the fort was exactly opposite where CST today stands.

Started as a miserable wooden shade called Boribandar.

Fredrick William Stevens was the architect. He also designed the BMC, Mumbai Police HQ, etc.

It took him almost 10 years from 1878 for the construction of the station building.

Fantastic images of old plans/drawings and under-construction snaps of VT.

Originally 6 platforms, 10 more added in 1929 along with construction of the newer wing.

The Octagonal ribbed dome is probably the only one on a station building and is a hallmark of the building.

Statue of Progress atop the dome was probably responsible for the development of Mumbai, and indeed the country as well.

Unique arches, ornamentation and design combining multiple styles of construction, esp the Gothic Revival Style.

Sculptural wealth at CSTM.

Integral part of Mumbai. Arguably the finest building in Mumbai.

A new museum is being developed inside CSTM would be of immense cultural, educational and research value.

Conservation of the site involves preserving the authenticity and culture of the area.

Declared a World Heritage Monument. It is a living heritage.

The presenter is an archeologist and would like to solicit comments and suggestions of IRFCAns not only about this presentation, but also regarding other interesting sites. Please reply as comments to this post.


  1. Can we please get to see a copy of the presentation after the convention is over?

    BTW, you made a typo I guess.. construction of CST can't be 1978.. much earlier than that!

  2. Even I would like to have a copy of this presentation.

    What about the Pl no 17 and 18 added later?

    Did she mention about the revised lay out of the CSTM?


  3. @Shirish: Actually PF 15 to 18 were all added at once. For several years CSTM had 14 platforms. So there is a slight mistake when she said earlier there were 6 platforms and then 10 more were added

  4. Karan.. thanx.. it was indeed a typo. Corrected. Also, will get the clarification about the pfs. Might have been another mistake on my part.

  5. Two points:

    Perin Nariman Street right opposite VT Station's main gate used to be known as Bazargate Street.

    Platform 14, even though had been in existence for a long time, was never used as a passenger platform. Only parcel unloading and loading used to be done there.

  6. Dear Dr. Saab,

    Reg. the heritage monument of Mumbai CSTM ( still BBVT for old timers!!) convey my sincere thanks to Shraddha Hemant Bhatawdekar for her presentation.

    Well, as a matter of fact, I did not like the way the media portrayed, the 26/11 attacks, that as if damage has been caused only to the TAJ hotel. The mindless, brutal attacks carried out on CSTM were more painful and sadly they were sidelined.

    In fact, CSTM is the gateway to the majestic city of Mumbai where many millions step into the city for the first ever time chasing their dreams. Of course, the fortunate ones who become elite then, frequently haunt the TAJ etc.
    But, even for them, CSTM would have been the first place to give them a foothold to the majestic city of mumbai !

    I can even say, people like big 'B', would have certainly reached CSTM when he had chased bollywood dreams, as a young lad from Allahabad. ( may be Mahanagari or Kamayani express !!!!)


    Many times, I was amazed by its architectural splendour. My romance with this marvel would continue !!

    Kudos to Shradhdha again.

    bye & cheers,

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    thank you all again

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