Sunday, February 06, 2011

Good Morning

Welcome to the second day of BSL 2011.

We had a fun filled day yesterday and hope we have a even more super day today.

We had sumptuous dinner and even more sumptuous rail talk at the venue before we headed back to our hotels. And at the end of the long day, we were quite tired and dozed off pretty soon as we all had to wake up early.

And so we did, taking the 7.30 bus to the venue.

For breakfast, we had some excellent Idli sambar and Upma rounded off with some piping hot tea/coffee!

And now Apu and Sachin usher us all into the hall for the days events to unfold.


  1. Please tell us, how we can do it all over again later..........

  2. This one is probably turning out to be the best IRFCA convention yet.

    Great crowd, tremendous enthusiasm and a terrific venue.

    What else can you ask for?

    Great job Vrijilesh,

    Please keep it up.


  3. Sridhar Joshi..if possible, please check your email/facebook about online links for the video quiz.

    Best of luck for the Sunday sessions! I am sure it'll be as great as (or even better) than Saturday

  4. Most important question- What was the dinner menu?

    Also, what was the lunch menu yesterday? Akshay Marathe asked about it, but it still remains unanswered!