Saturday, February 05, 2011

Container Train Operations: Problems & Prospects

The first of the Presentations by Prof Raghuram of IIM, Ahmedabad.

He follows the inaugural address by the Chief Guest.

Talks about the state of Container traffic in India. 

Container Traffic growth and boom in the country and formation of CONCOR in 1989.

A statistical preview of the Domestic and International Container Traffic in India is being shown.

Initiatives to privatize CONCOR in 1994 and 2004 did not fructify.

Four zones of Operation were formed, JNPT-Delhi being the largest and first.

Final Container Policy was formed in Jan 2006.

Totally 16 entrants including CONCOR took up the license to operate container rakes.

Comparison of the Container scenario in India and abroad. India was the first amongst the developing world to adopt a proper Container Policy.

Details of all the operators who run Container trains in the country.

The financial aspects of the Container biz.

New Rate structures (Check out the RCs: Rate Circulars which notify of changes in container and freight rate management)

RC 25 put in a commodity based rate structure.

RC 30 came into operation from Dec 1, 2010. Notified 6 categories of notified commodities. Agricultural commodities introduced. Applicable only for Domestic and not International. Cement now excludes White cement.

In Dec 2008, Assured Transit Time sceme was introduced by IR at 10% premium. No operator has signed on till date.

Recommendations and proposals for proper and more streamlined operations.


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  4. Dear members,

    Prof. Raghuram is fondly called as 'rail raghu' in mgmt. circles, if I am correct. He has profound depth of knowledge in rail economics.

    Glad to have you Sir !!

    Ravi S