Sunday, February 06, 2011

Token Exchange Videos

Presented by Poochi Venkat

Token Exchange on the Pune-Kolhapur section

Shot at jejuri and Valha. Jejuri was the token terminus and trains towards Pune pick up tokens.
Also, please be ready for the Quiz which follows this, also open to the Online viewers.

All details including obtaining the Neale's ball token from the machine, tying to the loop, etc.

Amazing videos including token pickup in the night with the khalasi burning a mashaal and signalling by waving it, and dramatic synchronization between the khalasi with the token in hand and the LP playing with the headlamps to acknowledge.

Photographs by IRFCAns like Ashish, Sachin, HCM, Old Man, Rahul etc..

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  1. What time does the Quiz start? It was scheduled to start 5 minutes back already! In true IR style, program running "indefinitely late"?