Saturday, February 05, 2011

Pamban explored

A presentation by Ravi Sundarajan


Talks of the Scherzer bridge.

The History, geography, the statsitics, dynamics

Excellent details of the bridge.

Ravi has got some amazing photographs of the bridge, and associated with some superb graphics, shows us how the entire Girder span opens.

Ravi actually went onto the bridge and took photographs. Also, he has some real good graphics to support his explanations.

The bridge opens with the help of a weight based roller and the structure actually rolls and opens up.

Fan Wellage helps in locking of overhanging leaves to engage the span.

Communication cables too get disconnected when the bridge opens. They have a special connective system for that, which is used every time the bridge opens or closes

There is a Pier protection system

An Anemometer is present as a safety mechanism, which prevents trains entering the interlock if wind speeds above 58kmph!

Ravi explains weight dynamics when a train is on one part of the span.

3 to 4 hour block is taken when the bridge is opened.

16 men plus the engineers are on hand when the leaves are opened.

Bridge operator requests Simultaneous Block instrument Plunger Press after obtaining a Private number.

Co-ordination between RMM and MMM stations to ensure connectivity before and after opening/closing.

Apart from the fixed anemometer, a standby mobile anemometer is used.

Signal interlock doubles as safety mechanism.

Bridge Operator has an Emergency Operations key which can be used to bypass standard procedures in emergencies. Can also help in potential damage by moving ships.

Get regular warnings from Pamban Port regarding weather and wind velocity updates.

3 dimension high precision rail alignment.

Guage Conversion: 6 options including abandoning, retaining MG, new bridge, a tunnel, etc. But redesigning was opted for.

Holy Shit... only a 20cm gap between the top of a train and the girder bars above!

Only a single WDM2/3 is allowed to take a passenger rake. No freight or dual locos allowed.


  1. Dear Ravi S Rajan,

    This is Ravi S from hyderabad. ( Apologize for posting from my colleague's Gmail account as I do'nt have a gmail ID !!)

    I have the privilege of viewing, Ravi S Rajan's PPT as he large heartedly sent me thro' email. Its definitely a painstaking effort and worth its weight in gold folks !!

    Let us all pay homage for those who unfortunately passed away during 1964 December 24th, in that accident involving Pamban - Dhanushkodi passenger !!

    Three cheers to Ravi S Rajan for his great presentation !! Hip Hip !!

    bye & cheers,

  2. Dear members,

    When, the 6715/16 CBE - RMM express ( one of my favourite MG trains, in which I made my last ever MG train ( of course do not take heritage lines into account like NMR) be operated in its BG avatar.

    I would like that this train get the same number, 116715/16 and hope to chug in BG, atleast by 2013 !!

    bye & cheers,

  3. Ravi Rocks !! Thanks Vrij for the crisp summaries highlighting the salient features.
    Sending in my appreciation for Ravi's presentation

    -Anand Krishnan, Singapore