Saturday, February 05, 2011

Status & Benefits of Electrification

By Mr A A Phadke, Sr Professor, IRIEEN

Statutory Warning: Apurva Bahadur and followers, keep your tempers under check ;)


Plan wise progress of Electrification in IR

Vision 2020: Increasing Route KM from 22K to 33K to haul 250% more traffic envisaged.

Takes us across the various projects underway or completed in various parts of the country.

Huge Cheers across the auditorium as he mentions the oft-debated Pune-Renigunta route.

GTL-RU 70% done. MAQ-SRR planned. GY-DMM-SBC sanctioned. SBC-MYS in progress.

PKT-JAT-UMP sanctioned and work started. Gondia-Nagbhir-Balharshah sanctioned.

Status of electrification across the country: Completed, sanctioned, planned for completion/start . Well compiled document.

Only 26kms of the Kengeri-Mysore planned for completion in the next year, while the LPI-WADI would be completed.

Daund-Puntamba-Shirdi also sanctioned to be wired up.

1215kms planned to be electrified in the next financial year.


Comparison of Diesel and Electric haulage of freight in the country. Distance, area, load all parameters calculated.

An average electric hauled freight hauls 9% more than diesel hauled.

Average speed of electrics is 8% higher than diesels

1.21:1 is the E:D loco usage for goods.

Published figures of Mileage and failure stats better for the electrics.

Personal Note: If you give more opportunity to one, they'd surely perform better, unless he of she is Ravindra Jadeja!

Cumulative cost and total km progression of energising!

Analysis of Operating expenses on IR.

A huge net savings, with a 92% Rate of Rerturn !

Comparison of Cost of running of Diesel and Electrics. Diesel rates have increased from 15 bucks to around 40 plus today.

Electrics are very efficient, with high maximum efficiency. They can regenerate power.

2014 will see Peak scenario.

Foot notes:

Shubhranshu could not make it to the convention, unfortunately :(

Mani Sir, LKO-MGS also sanctioned, if I remember right.

Karan.. the mods are working, slow n steady.


  1. Did they mention the completion date of Lucknow-Varanasi-Mughalsarai electrification? How about Itarsi-Jabalpur-Naini - is electrification of this important trunk route being considered?

  2. Question for presenter- if Jammu-Udhampur is being electrified, what about Konkan Railway? No plans to electrify it, considering discomfort passengers have due to diesel smoke in several long tunnels?

  3. Vrij, Any idea when will be the presentation by Shri. Shubranshu?
    -Akshay Marathe

  4. Down with electrification! Long live diesel! DIESEL rules forever!

  5. Although we diesel fans hate to see the railways going ahead with electrification, we have to accept the fact that the railways cannot cope with rising crude oil prices forever.
    At the same time, the railways have to take steps to promote the generation on electricity using renewable energy sources such as wind, tidal, and solar energy. For instance they can have a solar panel on every catenary pole or windmills beside railway lines.

    With Best Regards,
    Ramdev Gowda.

  6. What are you guys having for the tea break ?

  7. Dear guys !!

    there are more 'Island' diesel sections nowadays which are trapped between main electrified lines. They should be electrified to avoid unnecessary haulage of diesel locos.

    Like SRR - NIL(ambur), CBE - MTP etc.

    Appu !! Don't worry, I can't see electrification proposal of your Shindawane section. So, MRJ - Pune will be diesel atleast for a decade !!

    bye & cheers,

  8. Dear Mr Ravi,
    I whole heartedly condemn the elecrtification of dmm-sbc and sbc-mys sections. Apart from shindawane, these two do not have traffic that warrants electrification and should be preserved as diesel heritage lines. Mr ramdev, you must agree!

  9. I agree with Mr. Dinesh about suboptimal traffic on SBC-DMM line, hence not necessarily warranting electrification, but the SBC-MYS line has sufficient passenger and freight traffic, so wiring is probably justified; but SBC-DMM should be pure diesel territory.