Sunday, February 06, 2011

The IRFCA Quiz

Quiz Master: The same old fag from MAS.. Sridhar Joshi ;)

First Up is a "Marshal Our Train" competition.

The PDF for this can be accessed HERE

Now for the main Quiz:

The IRFCA Video Quiz
Compiled by Mani Vijay. Presented by Joshiji.

Part 1:


Find the stations from the clues in the video

Scenes 1-5.


Part 2. Scenes 6-10


Part 3 (Based on the above 10 stations clued in 1-10):

11a. Out of the above 10 clues in the two parts of the video quiz, mention all the names of Junctions in the list.

11b. Only one of the Junctions above has all branches electrified. Identify it.

12. Identify the nearest Junction for ANY 2 of the above Non-Junctions in the list above.

13. Name the Junction where the lines actually meet AFTER the station, so has dedicated platforms for all the different branches originating here.

14. For any 2 junctions, name the zone or the company it belongs to.

15. Add-on to Q12. Both the Jn and the Non-Jn have their names with the same alphabet. Which one?

16. What is the Maximum number of stations out of the above 10 that are connected by a single train. How many stations?

17. Name any one station of the list which does not have a direct connection to Delhi.

18. Only 2 stations have ONLY ONE direct train to Delhi. Name any one.

19. Which of these stations has ATLEAST ONE Fully AC train halting there. (Raj/Shat/GR/Dur/Spl)?

20. Only ONE of these stations has had MG and BG at a time. Which one?


Answers can be emailed to vrijATrediffmailATcom. Cut off time: 1400hrs today. Winners for Online viewers will be announced by Sridhar Joshi on Monday.  Please Combine your answers for all parts of both quizzes and email please.



  1. How are off-site people supposed to send in their answers?
    (Jumping the gun, coz getting answers in the first place is proving quite a challenge for me!)

  2. Quiz is unfair. No station from NR, WR, NWR, and only one from NCR. So the quiz is unfair to people from North.

  3. I was so happy with the first part of the quiz, where for the first time in 6 years I was able to score 50%. But the second part, the video quiz, was to difficult, that if I were to give such a quiz to students at IIT Kanpur, no body will ever register for my course again.

  4. Yes, videos of eastern and northern India could certainly be added to enable members from all corners of India have equal advantages.

  5. I agree with Dheeraj sir, video clues were a bit South-heavy, but I guess it depends on where all Mr Mani Vijay went on his trip to India! Next time, a good idea would be to keep a tab on Mr Vijay's itinerary to score well in the Video Quiz!
    Just kidding, wonderful compilation of questions.

  6. 1. For this quiz, I decided to focus only my last two India trips (2007 & beyond), so as to give the younger folks a better shot at the answers.
    2. From a zonal perspective, I agree that it was a bit tilted towards the South. However, from a geographical viewpoint, it seemed fair, since half the stations are North of Mumbai - the rest are South of Mumbai.
    3. At the last moment, I decided to include additional hints - halt before/after station, so that folks with a reasonably good knowledge of the overall IR network would not be handicapped.
    4. Finally, I realize that it's difficult to please everyone - as long as most of the audience felt that it was fair, I am ok with it. If not, then I am open to always :-)
    5. During my next India trip, looks like I need to cover all the zones :-)

  7. Hi Vijay, don't take it seriously. Just couldn't handle getting a zero after doing reasonably well in the first part. Case of sour grapes, I guess. The Quiz has been the biggest attraction of the conventions, year after year, and it is all due to guys like you and Sridhar.

  8. @Mani Vijay, Dr Vrij

    Where are the Quiz answers? I believe I managed to get two out of ten scenes correct, but I am curious to know if I am indeed right. Please put all answers (Marshalling, Video and video follow-up questions) at one location and provide link to it.

  9. Dear BSL 2011 Quiz organizing committee !!

    A kind request is made to post the answers for 'marshal our train' as well as the video quiz contests for the benefit of those who participated online.

    Its learnt that the organizing committee members are preoccupied with their professional duties. But, we expect they should spare some of their precious time to post the answers and give a logical end to this Quiz competition.

    After a long time, I have give many right answers for marshalling part. Its very rare, I come to get many answers correct ! ( selfish interest too !! :-)

    bye & cheers,
    ravi ( ravirlyfan)