Saturday, February 05, 2011

Chai time!

All the delegates have moved for a small 15 minute Tea/Coffee break. Biscuits to give company!

And did I mention that we had a sumptuous Maharashtrian breakfast of Poha, Sev and Halwa backed up with some super tea and coffee?

For all you folks missing out on BSL.. my heart felt sympathies. This place is a real landmine of train action.

Our bus was stopped at a closed LC just outside ZTC where the 2181 (according to VSP) and the Mahanagari went by. Srini called it a good omen to start the convention.

And there was an ET Barbie Doll at the ZTC triangle, almost a stone's throw from where I am sitting. I called it a great start!

One more tidbit about the blog. The signal on your left is now green, indicating that the convention is on at MPS!


  1. Looking forward to some pictures from the venue.

  2. Enough with the caution order(tea break). Get back in and start notching up.

  3. This is got to be the longest Tea Break ever !

  4. Dear Dr. Saab !!

    The 'Kanda Poha', in Maharashtra, varies from Region to region !! I request our folks ( especially from Maharashtra to clarify) In mumbai region, it is more of Konkani type with coconut grates spread over the poha.

    Once you reach Pune and come near Nashik, the 'kaanda' is more heralding, as we are in 'onion land' ( dollar guys nowadays, the onion traders !!)

    Once, you cross, MMR and reach, 'Khandesh', especially Dhule, the 'Sev' content increases showing that your are knocking the door steps of Gujarat !!

    BSL - 2011 attendees, my request, to you , if you find time, do cover that, short yet beautiful branch line of Chhalisgaon - Dhule. Early morning, there is convenient passenger train which carries a 3 A coach + sleeper etc, from DR - Amritsar express ( slip coach to Dhule)

    bye & cheers,